Ventiv has got Business Superbrand© Award the 2nd time

The recruitment, HR service and human personnel rental company, Ventiv Group has got the 2nd time the Business Superbrands Recognition in 2013.  

The international Superbrands© program was launched a decade ago in Great Britian; the program has been operational in Hungary for 8 years, and the Business Superbrands prize which aims at awarding business brands is in its fifth year.

The award, which every year is granted to those reliable brands which earn the trust of customers and the business community, serves as a guarantee to ensure that by selecting a Superbrand, the customer/client can’t go wrong.

The Business Superbrands award is a sign of serious recognition and further proof that, in addition to the positive feedback of the industry, the panel dedicated to assessing the super brands also acknowledeges the high standard of our services and our endeavor to continuously improve. The value of the Superbrands award is demonstrated by the fact that every year the candidates are selected by a panel comprised of 18 independent experts. Companies cannot apply or register for consideration.

We would like to thank our partners for choosing us, and will continue to do everything in our power to sustain these mutually beneficial relationships.