Ventiv has got Business Superbrand© Award the 2nd time 2013.07.10

The recruitment, HR service and human personnel rental company, Ventiv Group has got the 2nd time the Business Superbrands Recognition in 2013.  

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Special burdens of the pharmaceutical industry in Hungary 2013.06.06

Special burdens on the Hungarian pharmaceutical industry.

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Salary Snapshot 2010 2011.03.12

The deservedly popular Ventiv Salary Snapshot 2010 with consolidated data for the full year is now available!

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Ventiv is 15 years old! 2010.06.21

From “RDL” to “Ventiv Group” - Milestones in the life of our company

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Ventiv Expo presentation at the E+L Ltd. marketing conference! 2010.03.12

Ventiv Expo took part in the marketing conference organized for health industry players with a presentation in which our presenter answered the question: “Does even fine wine need a label?”  Read more

Ventiv Expo: 20% discount on all our products! 2010.02.15

Purchase premium quality display equipment for your company from Ventiv Expo by 31 March 2010 at a 20% discount!

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Ventiv SFO’s shared medical representative team has started off the New Year with new assignments 2010.01.25

Ventiv SFO’s service is an increasingly sought after tool among Hungary’s leading pharmaceutical players. The outsourced medical and pharmacy representation at Ventiv is supported by Sales Management, a reporting system and full administrative support.  Read more

Ventiv’s team has added a new member 2010.01.26

From January 2010 the team’s staff has added a new full-time marketing colleague.

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New image at Ventiv 2009.10.07

Continuous internal development now takes on an external form at Ventiv.  Read more

Ventiv Expo’s first appearance 2009.10.02

On 29 September, the newly established Ventiv Expo Kft. presented the products distributed by Nomadic Display in the atrium of the Szamos Marcipan Confectionary and Cafe in the Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal.  Read more