Ventiv Expo – Portable display systems with a lifetime guarantee

Ventiv Expo is Hungary’s exclusive representative of the world’s leading portable display system, Nomadic Display. With its modern appearance, outstanding quality, and first class maintenance and support services, Nomadic Display has been serving customers worldwide for 30 years now.

Nomadic Display’s products are planned and manufactured in the USA and Ireland. The company has regional centers in New York, New Jersey, Washington, London, and Frankfurt. On a world scale, along with its substantial distribution network, Nomadic Display is the market leader in the portable installation systems market.

With Nomadic Display, we offer the wide range of portable, modular display and various presentation systems. All this with unmatched services, LIFETIME GUARANTEE (No Questions Asked Lifetime Guarantee), favorable rental possibilities and free stand planning.

To whom do we recommend Nomadic Display solutions?

We recommend Nomadic Display solutions to partners who, in their appearance as in their work and services, always bear professionalism in mind.

To those for whom it is important to give the impression of a modern and innovative company at exhibitions, fairs, product demonstrations, conferences, press events, and promotions.

With its more than 200 showrooms throughout the world, Nomadic Display’s systems, products, and custom-tailored solutions efficiently contribute to your business success.

Nomadic Display products

  • easy roll up displays with carrying case
  • arched and straight backwalls
  • modular stand systems
  • ergonomic counters and cabinets
  • foldable, portable brochure stands
  • multifunctional storage boxes
  • lamps, shelves, and other accessories
  • cutting counters and various cutting devices

Nomadic Display product benefits

  • quality without compromises
  • modern designs
  • stunning appearances
  • excellent price/quality ratios
  • high-tech materialss
  • ergonomic solutionss
  • mobility, flexibilitys
  • compatibility among productss
  • easy assemblys
  • easy transportations
  • optimal storage sizess
  • practical solutionss

We present the new DesignLine stand system

The new DesignLine system means real freedom in the portable installation market.

The superior quality materials and variety of structural options enable the creation of optimally constructed and economic stands. The advanced system integration ensures that the various product groups’ – PopUp grid systems, laminated Platinum panels, DesignLine columns, textile and printed surfaces – individual strengths can be combined in one joint stand. Their appealing appearance and functionality convince everyone. Thus, during presentation of your product or service, DesignLine clearly represents added value. You can choose from several types of DesignLine stands according to your individual needs. Our clients’ individual concepts and outlines – taking into consideration the parameters of the display venue – are transformed, in a priced technical plan, into a three dimensional graphic by the Irish Solution Studio.

Please visit our website where you can read further detailed information about our company and services.

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