Ventiv Human – Labor-market services


Since its establishment, Ventiv has dealt, within the frames regulated by the law, with labor outsourcing. Our outsourcing business unit provides an efficient solution for the satisfaction of rapidly changing labor needs, personnel problems and headcount restrictions. Our clients frequently avail of this flexible tool for labor shortages, temporary replacements or in the event of a need for a fixed-term medical representative team. Our highly trained account managers solve the tasks at hand smoothly and to the total satisfaction of our clients and employees, even in the course of outsourcing involving a sizable headcount. We are continuously seeking those opportunities with which we can efficiently help our clients’ work, for example, the solution of combining labor recruitment and labor outsourcing which results in a significant financial gain for our customers.

The advantages of Ventiv-outsourcing:

  • we decrease the administrative burden of the client (handling of labor contracts, payroll, wage disbursement, tax returns, preparation of registries)
  • Ventiv takes the employee on payroll, this way the employee does not appear in the headcount of the client company’s statistical headcount
  • opportunity is provided to supply the employee with work tools and fringe benefits
  • the client can at any time take the employee on its own payroll

When can Ventiv-outsourcing help?

  • when the company’s labor policy expressly prescribes labor outsourcing
  • in the event of a hiring freeze
  • in the event of demand for additional human resources due to seasonal fluctuations (campaigns, end-of-year sales, etc.)
  • for the handling of fixed-terms tasks
  • as a solution to longer-term replacements