Ventiv SFO™ - Its quality is in the name

In line with changing market laws, the outsourcing of various activities is increasingly widespread in Hungary as well. SFO (Sales Force Outsourcing) means the permanent or periodic outsourcing of medical and pharmacy representative activities to an external service provider. In the course of our activity, we have specialized in medical and pharmacy representation, carrying out the promotion of pharmaceuticals, medicinal products, dietary supplements and cosmetic products. Our clients can avail of our teams made up of various sizes and possessing a variety of educational backgrounds under exclusive or shared arrangements.

The advantages of Ventiv SFO™

  • Significant cost savings when compared to own sales team.
  • The team’s size and composition can be adjusted flexibly, quickly and without extra costs (e.g., recruitment costs).
  • Remuneration: fix amount visiting fee + turnover based success fee; in this way we take over business risks from our clients and ensure result-oriented drug promotion.
  • Objective certification of completion of the visit (the doctor or pharmacy certifies it).
  • Ventiv undertakes payments of premiums to representatives to the extent customary in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Ventiv SFO™ is a guarantee of professional, value-added service which helps our clients to achieve increased turnover.

Ventiv SFO™ increases the efficiency of sales

  • In the midst of a cost reduction program. In the event of downsizing or inadequate human resources
  • For promotion of seasonal products
  • Increasing the turnover of not promoted, but high potential products
  • To ward off strengthening competition
  • To launch new products when you don’t have enough capacity
  • When you are behind relative to the planned number of calls
  • To reach a target group not presently covered by the Client
  • If your are behind your sales targets
  • "On-The-Job-Assessment-Center", after the project the possibility to take on the most suitable candidates
  • "Shaking up" one's internal representatives through creation of a periodic competitive situation

Ventiv SFO™ service

  • We take care of the administrative tasks related to visits (contract signing, call plans, handling of reports, audit, documentation of receipt of drug samples, etc.).
  • Leveraging the experience of our labor recruitment consultants, we select Ventiv SFO™ medical and pharmaceutical representatives from our own database.
  • As part of a separate agreement, we examine SFO's efficiency.
  • In the event of exclusive agreements, the representative only promotes the product/product group of one client.
  • In the event of shared visits to identical target groups, promotion of non-competing products takes place; in such arrangements the costs are shared among the two clients.
  • Marketing activity: event organization and management.