Privacy policy and data protection

JOB Kft. (1094 Budapest, Angyal utca 24.; hereinafter referred to as: Data Controller) Based on Act CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-determination and Freedom of Information (hereinafter: Infotv.), 20. - we inform the concerned data controller (hereinafter: User), that any personal information, submitted by the user during his/her registration on the website, or provided by other means to the Data Controller, or requested by the Data Controller is provided on a voluntary basis, based on the consent of the User. By registering on the website and providing his/her personal information the User gives his/her explicit consent in writing, with regard to the processing of his/her personal information.

During the operation of the website, the Data Controller is the Infotv. 5. Based on paragraph § (1) point a) in order to ensure the operation of his/her website and the provision of his/her services (labour hire and employment services), based on the consent of the User the Data Controller will handle the following personal data:

  • name;
  • mother's birth name;
  • place and date of birth;
  • address;
  • tax identification number;
  • diploma and the registration number of the diploma;
  • e-mail address;
  • telephone number;
  • Facebook ID;
  • LinkedIn ID;
  • autobiographical data;
  • portrait;

In the frame of the services provided by the Data Controller, the Data Controller can forward your personal data to its contracted parties, to his partners registered on the website as employers (collectively: employers) in order to enable them to provide employment opportunities to you. The User acknowledges and expressly agrees to the transmission of his/her personal data to the Employers.

The Data Controller informs the User, that the handling of the personal data provided during the registration on the website is automatized, however a profile is not created.

For the operation of the website and service provision the Data Controller will process the Users personal information based in its consent and 5. § paragraph (1) point a) from Infotv. Furthermore based on Act XLVIII of 2008 on the essential conditions and certain limitations of business advertising activity (hereinafter: Grt.) 6. § paragraph (5) the Data Controller will process the following personal data, of the User, in order to inform him/her by a message (hereinafter: notification) regarding the job employers job possibilities:

  • name,
  • e-mail address, and
  • Facebook ID,
  • LinkedIn ID.

The user’s personal information will be known exclusively by the Data Controller’s responsible of the service provision and notification sending, respectively by the competent persons of the employers. The duration of the data processing starts when the user provides the data and lasts until the User withdraws his/her consent, however the withdrawal of consent doesn’t affect the legitimacy of the data processing that happened before the withdrawal of consent. The User can withdraw his/her consent directly through his/her registered account, or in writing, through one of the Data Controller’s contact methods that are listed below. The User can also request the modification, correction of his/her personal data through mail, respectively through telephone and the methods as listed above. In the event that the laws change and the changes require it, the Data Controller shall immediately delete the Users personal data that are no longer required for the provision of services. Furthermore the Data Controller informs the User regarding the fact that the personal data sent to him/her without consenting to the present Data Handling Notification will be deleted immediately.

The data provision is voluntary, however the User acknowledges that, if/she does not provide the information required by the Data Controller for the provision of his/her services, or requests the deletion of his/her data, the Data Controller will no longer be able to provide services to the User.

The Data Controller informs the User that he/she may request information regarding the handling of his/her personal data and may request access to his/her personal data, the correction, deletion or blocking of these, the User may also request the termination of data processing for a given scope or part of it, and may object with regard to the handling of his/her personal data. The User is entitled to receive his/her personal data in an articulated, widely used, machine-readable form, furthermore, to forward these data to another Data Controller, without the interference of the Data Controller. The user may also request information regarding his/her personal information that is being processed by a particular data processor, the source, purpose, legal basis and time frame of the data processing, the name and address of the data processor, his/her activities in relation to the data processing; in case of a data protection related incident, the circumstances and effects of these, furthermore - in case of transmission of personal data - the legal basis and consignee of the data transfer.

In relation with the data processing the User is entitled to the remedies provided in the Infotv., namely Infotv. 21. § and GDPR article 21 regarding objection, respectively according to those formulated in Infotv. 22. § the User can enforce his/her rights in front of the Court and according to the provisions of the laws can request compensation and damage payment in case of grievances. In case that the User and Data Controller are not able to settle the User’s objection, complaint or request soothingly, or in case that at any time the User feels that during the handling of his/her personal data his/her rights have been violated, or are in direct danger of such a violation, the User is entitled to make a complaint at the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (headquarter: 1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/c.; postal address: 1530 Budapest, PO Box. 5).

Name and contact details of the Data Protection Officer: Markos Ádám, 06-1/239-9922
The e-mail address of the Data Controller:
The address of correspondence of the Data Controller: 1094 Budapest, Angyal utca 24.
The telephone number of the Data Controller: 06-1/239-9922